New - Our unique packaging solution:

A totally new attractive customized packaging option incorporating the DVD and a printed catalogue that can be mailed for 55 cents.

Get more - Pay less!

Following the success of our premium video sale catalogue, and our association with AuctionsPlus, we are now releasing this sales catalogue technology for the smaller producer. The only difference between our premium and DIY versions is the video content of your animals.
Large or small, auction, paddock or treaty; we can do all your Stud stock marketing - No more pre-sale pressure.

In 2009 we have also introduced 2 new important benefits.

Viewers can choose to watch:
  1. As a DVD in a player on your TV, or
  2. In a computer using all the search and selection criteria we already provide.
What you do:
  1. Take all the digital photos of your animals, clearly identified with their ID number and save on to a disk.
  2. Supply up to 30 word comments for each animal.
  3. Authorise Range Media to download the pedigree and EBV data from your breed society using the ID's supplied.
  4. Provide general photo's of your property and a high resolution image of your logo.
  5. Send to Range Media.
What we can do:
  • Design a personalised CDROM/DVD containing the images provided.
  • Insert every animal image along with EBV's and supplied notes.
  • Provide a search function so that the entire catalogue can be viewed in order of magnitude by any selected EBV's or Sire.
  • Print as many CDROM's/DVD's as required for sending to clients.
  • Put the entire contents onto our media server and provide a link for you to send to your breed society, your own website, your selling agents, or directly to your clients.
  • Provide the capability to print a pocket version of the catalogue to take along to the sale. This can be printed from both the web and the disc, or,
  • Organise the printing of a hard copy catalogue using all the details supplied.
  • Coordinate your sale with AuctionsPlus (See demonstration).

Our premium service is all of the above plus we come to you and video your stock.

So that we can provide the best service, we need:
  • At least 2 months notice before your sale.
  • All vision either recorded by us or supplied 6 weeks before your sale.
  • All content by 5 weeks before your sale to allow distribution to clients 2+ weeks prior to your sale.
See our online tutorial:
The tutorial demonstrates the full feature set of our electronic sales catalogue.
Click here to view our catalogue tutorial video via our streaming media server.
Further Information:

For a no obligation quote contact Range Media.

Range Media will consider the provision of your own un-edited vision - contact us for our technical requirements, specifications and cost.